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Baby Smasher!

UPDATE: The gallery has opened! Check it out to see actual BabySmasher.com sticker placements!

BabySmasher.com is taking the world by storm! Order stickers today and assist in educating the world about the true purpose behind "baby changing stations"! Don't forget we also have t-shirts, mousepads, and mugs!

Here, you can read the truth about Baby Smashers, which are available to the public all over the nation under the guise of "Baby Changing Stations". BabySmasher.com exists to provide the public with a means of spreading the truth about Baby Smashers - educating more people about the true use of these devices.

Baby Smashers are an efficient, convenient, and fun way to dispose of unwanted babies. However, most people are unaware that so-called "Baby Changing Stations" are actually Baby Smashers!

Please, be among the many who have finally opened their eyes to the truth. Order some Baby Smasher stickers, and put them in their rightful place!

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