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About BabySmasher.com / Baby Smasher Industries

BabySmasher StaffBabySmasher.com is composed of a pair of individuals concerned about the propagation of truth in society. We are tired of seeing the government and big business work together to pull the wool over the American public's eyes.

We felt that the Baby Smasher phenomenon was the strongest and most important issue to go after first. However, at BabySmasher.com, we are dedicated to the propagation of truth in general, and the elimination of deceptive and false information. Expect more from us in the near future!

BabySmasher.com strives to provide the highest quality product, and ensure the satisfaction of our customers - society!

We are working hard to plan and design more products for you - and we are more than happy to hear your suggestions! Please do realize that we cannot turn every idea anyone has into reality. However, we will give all submissions an honest look.

Please be sure to keep visiting BabySmasher.com for all of your truth-spreading needs!

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