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The Truth about "Baby Changing Stations"...

This is a BabySmasher! Corporate America is lying to you - the fact is, the use of Baby Smashers as "baby changing stations" is endangering our health. The unsanitary nature of using a publicly accessible device to change the dirty diapers of babies should be an obvious red flag to the average consumer. However, it seems as if big business has managed to pull the wool over our fine country's eyes yet again. Disease and filth are inadvertently being spread throughout the adult population via urine and fecal matter residue left on Baby Smashers by those using them as "baby changing stations".

BabySmashers come in other brands, too!

While one of the obvious advantages of the nation-wide installation of Baby Smashers is population control - this spread of disease to adults is an unwanted side effect. Furthermore, as the number of children born out of wedlock continues to remain high, and the number of children born to unfit, uncapable parents does the same -- we at BabySmasher.com feel it is time to alert more of the general public to the existence and use of Baby Smashers. Please, contribute to society's education on this matter and order now!

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