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Welcome, and thank you for visiting BabySmasher.com!

11/11/2003 - 27:29:00 CST - BabySmasher.com is still alive!
Since a few have emailed and asked - yes - we're still alive and taking orders. In fact, we may have to order more stickers again soon if we get another big link :-)

02/16/2002 - 22:19:00 CST - BabySmasher.com is linked again!
Well, it looks like the meme of BabySmasher has been revived. We got linked today on i love bacon. Over 800 hits and counting thus far today. Exciting :-)

11/14/01 - 22:00:00 CST - BabySmasher.com still alive and kicking!
Yup, that's right, we're still alive, we just haven't posted much news because we're busy filling out orders and working our real jobs and such. Orders are still being processed though, and sent out with regularity!

We're on our second run of stickers now, churning them out with a bit of regularity (but obviously not the same as the initial popularity we got). Keep your eyes peeled for a Flash movie in the not too distant future. And in the more distant future, perhaps a new line of stickers! Keep sending your friends our way, and keep on spreading the word about BabySmasher!

06/18/01 - 16:05:00 CST - BabySmasher.com backorder finally has print date
Thank you to those of you with backordered stickers for your patience. The company we ordered our stickers from has been WAY overbooked and bogged down, and we finally have a print date. The date is July 5th, so we should have our stickers by July 10th or so, and you should have them shortly after.

If you know of a good, reasonably priced sticker manufacturer, please LET US KNOW!!!.

05/17/01 - 08:35:00 CST - BabySmasher.com owner gets out of bed!
Wow. Sorry for the lack of news guys... We're still waiting on our order for those of you waiting for your stickers in backorder. They'll be here soon I hope!

I've been out of it with mononucleosis, so I'll get to all the emails in my inbox as soon as I can. I'm still sick, but alive... Keep on smashin'!

04/22/01 - 20:35:00 CST - BabySmasher.com opens up gallery!
BabySmasher.com has opened up its gallery! Here you will find pictures of ACTUAL BabySmasher sticker placements!

Please see the orders page for details on receiving a rebate for sending in your photos of sticker placements!

04/17/01 - 03:31:00 CST - BabySmasher.com reaches goal of 75% of initial capital!
BabySmasher.com has reached its goal of 75% of its overhead, and has placed its order with the sticker company! Prepare to receive your BabySmasher.com stickers soon!!

In the mean time, we've been linked to by TONS of sites! We're seeing hits from all over! Please feel free to link to us -- and if you're a reasonably high traffic site, we'll add you to our links page.

04/17/01 - 04:42:00 CST - BabySmasher.com already receiving attention from other sites!
After just 65 or so hours of operation, BabySmasher.com has now been linked by a few sites in just the last few hours:

04/17/01 - 00:39:00 CST - BabySmasher.com receiving record traffic!
BabySmasher.com has increased greatly in traffic! We've received over 2,000 unique hits since our inception just 2 short days ago! Please be sure to tell your friends about BabySmasher.com so that we can reach our goal of 75% of our overhead, and order our stickers.

We're almost there, but more orders means quicker ordering of our first batch of stickers!

04/16/01 - 04:18:00 CST - BabySmasher.com on its way to goal!
BabySmasher.com continues to receive hits, as well as orders! We are nearing our goal of 75% of our overhead costs to order the stickers. You could be the one to put us over the top!

The person who does place the order that pushes us over the top will receive a free gift courtesy of BabySmasher.com!

04/15/01 - 06:32:00 CST - BabySmasher.com receives its first order!
BabySmasher.com received its first order a mere 25 hours after launch. The truth doesn't take long to get out!!!

04/14/01 - 05:30:00 CST - BabySmasher.com launches...
BabySmasher.com launched today, sparking instant interest from around the world. Hits have already been recorded from the USA, Sweden, Canada, Australia, Japan, Norway, the United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Our crusade to educate the masses about the true use of "baby changing stations" is off to a wonderful start!

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