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Order Online from BabySmasher!

You've clicked order. Clearly you think the site is enlightening! But think how enlightened people will be when they see a real sticker stuck on a Baby Smasher! All the more reason to order... so scroll down and order!

Rest assured - BabySmasher.com is a VERIFIED PAYPAL PREMIER MEMBER, your order will be secure, and you can be assured you'll get your order, as you're protected under paypal!

Don't have PayPal and still want stickers? Let us know and we can work out a cash, check or money order transaction. Simply email us and let us know how many stickers you are interested in. Then, mail us a check for the proper amount, and your stickers will be on their way!

For shirts, mugs, and mousepads - you can order through CafePress by clicking here!

Here at BabySmasher.com - you can purchase Baby Smasher stickers to place upon "baby changing stations" all over the country to aid us in notifying the public. These stickers come at a low cost to you, as we do not want to penalize you, as a great citizen of our society, for helping our cause. Furthermore, if you send us photographic evidence that you have placed one of our enlightening stickers on a "baby changing station", we will refund a portion of your payment to BabySmasher.com!

BabySmasher.com stickers are modestly priced. Shipping is included in all prices! And don't forget about our rebate program!

NOTE: Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery. We hope to get the stickers to you faster, but occasionally we here at the BabySmasher offices do get swamped. Rest assured your stickers will arrive as soon as we can get them to you. Should you be concerned about your order, please do email us.

Please that international orders will receive a response from us, and will need to send another $3.00 US via PayPal to cover international shipping expenses.

Order stickers! Click below!

To order, simply click the appropriate link, and provide your name and postal address.

Here is an image of our first product - the Baby Smasher sticker! It measures 5.5 inches wide by 4.25 inches tall, and comes printed on high quality white vinyl - these aren't some crappy paper stickers! Click the image for a full sized view:

Baby Smasher!

BabySmasher Rebate Program

At BabySmasher.com, we want to reward you for your efforts to help spread truth. As a means of encouraging such assitance, we are offering a $1 rebate (via PayPal) if you take a picture of your Baby Smasher sticker in action! There's just a few simple rules:
  1. The picture must be on or right next to a baby smasher.
  2. The picture can be mailed or scanned and emailed to us. Please include the location of the Baby Smasher. We certainly don't mind seeing our customers in the picture! email BabySmasher for address info if needed.
  3. Only one rebate per sticker purchased per customer! Maximum of $10 in rebates (sorry, we don't want to LOSE money!)
  4. If multiple stickers are posted, they must be in different locations. Placing 5 stickers on one Baby Smasher does not qualify for 5 $1 rebates!
DISCLAIMER: BabySmasher.com / Baby Smasher Industries does NOT ENDORSE violence, actual harming of babies, or defacement of public or private property. Ordering a Baby Smasher sticker indicates that you understand this concept. If this is at all unclear, please contact us.

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